CONTRACTOR PREQUALIFICATION - WWTF Ultraviolet Disinfection Improvements

The City of Hendersonville is accepting statements of experience from general contractors to prequalify for bidding on the City of Hendersonville WWTF Ultraviolet Disinfection Improvements. Only Bids submitted by prequalified Contractors/Bidders will be considered. The City is interested in selecting the most highly qualified contractors for prequalification.

Submit an electronic copy in pdf format of the required forms and other documentation to the Bid Agent, Zachary Trammel, PE of McKim & Creed, Inc. by email at no later than Friday, August 19, 2022 at 2:00 pm. The Contractor’s/Bidder’s name and the project name (City of Hendersonville WWTF Ultraviolet Disinfection Improvements) shall be clearly displayed in the email and attachment. Timely submission is the sole responsibility of the applicant. Electronic submittals received after the specified time will not be considered.