Contact Information

Tax Collector

City Hall, Third Floor
Telephone: (828)697-3052
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m.. - 5:00 p.m.

Physical Address:
City of Hendersonville
145 5th Ave. E
Hendersonville, NC 28792

Payment Address:
City of Hendersonville
P.O. Box 603536
Charlotte, NC 28260-3536

Frequently Asked Questions about Property Taxes


Property Tax

Sometimes referred to as Ad Valorem Tax, property tax is assessed annually against the value of real and personal property, including homes, vehicles, commercial buildings, and vacant land. It is usually expressed in terms of cents per $100 of property value. State law authorizes units of local government (cities, towns and counties) to assess and collect property tax as a source of funding to pay for public services, such as fire and police protection, recreational facilities, and transportation facilities and service.

In accordance with North Carolina law, the City levies property (ad valorem) taxes on July 1, the beginning of the City’s fiscal year. These taxes are separate from those levied by Henderson County. The taxes are due on September 1, but interest does not accrue until the following January 5. These taxes are based on assessed values as of January 1.

Request for a Statement of Taxes Due

Information about The City of Hendersonville Tax Rates 

Information for Businesses on Property Tax Valuation

Notice of Delinquent Taxes

Need to update your tax address or contact information? Please visit the Henderson County Tax Office website for information on the update process. The City of Hendersonville receives information from the County, including contact information, as part of its tax bill preparation process. 

Want to apply for an Elderly/Disabled Tax Exemption? Please visit the appropriate Henderson County Tax webpage for more information on the application process. You may access the application form by clicking on the Request for Tax Relief for Elderly or Disabled link provided above.



Last day for taxpayers to make late application for exemption or exclusion for the 2018-19 tax year


Unpaid 2018-19 taxes become delinquent, 2% interest accrues.
Beginning today enforced collection remedies to secure payment of 2017-18 taxes maybe used (foreclosure, garnishment, etc.)

FEBRUARY 1 Unpaid 2018-19 taxes began accruing the normal monthly interest rate of .75%
MARCH 1- JUNE 30       Unpaid tax notices must be advertised
SEPTEMBER 1 2019 Taxes become due