North Greenwood Forest Neighborhood Water Replacement

To provide the highest level of water service to its customers, the City plans to replace water pipes in the North Greenwood Forest area neighborhood in Etowah, North Carolina. The existing water pipes in this area are aging resulting in excessive pipe breaks and maintenance burdens for utility...

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Parking Garage

In 2022, the Downtown Parking Garage at the corner of 5th Avenue and Church Street is under construction. Concurrently with the garage, a comprehensive parking management update will address demand for on-street parking and off-street, permitted parking. A 3-story (4-level) garage is underway at...

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Walk Hendo kid on scooter with family

The City of Hendersonville is developing a Pedestrian Plan called 'Walk Hendo.' The planning effort is guided by a Steering Committee of community representatives, City staff, County and regional officials, businesses and more.

Do you walk or roll in Hendersonville? Interested in...

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WWTF Ultraviolet Disinfection Improvements UV Improvements

The Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Improvements project consists of the replacement of aging UV disinfection equipment nearing the end of its useful life at the City's Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF). UV disinfection is the final stage of the treatment process where wastewater is disinfected...

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