North Greenwood Forest Neighborhood Water Replacement

Milestone timeline:

Completed: Nov 5, 2021
November 2021
Completed: Jul 29, 2022
July 2022
Completed: Mar 31, 2023
Fall 2022 thru Spring 2023

To provide the highest level of water service to its customers, the City plans to replace water pipes in the North Greenwood Forest area neighborhood in Etowah, North Carolina. The existing water pipes in this area are aging, which has caused excessive pipe breaks, increased maintenance burdens for utility personnel, and unscheduled water outages. Water pipe replacement is planned for North Greenwood Forest Drive and West Laurel Lane, and portions of East Laurel Lane.

The project consists of installation of approximately 5,300 feet of 6-inch and 300 feet of 2-inch water pipe, valves, hydrants and associated appurtenances. 

Adam Steurer PE, Utilities Engineer