hand holding iphoneThe Hendersonville Police Department offers a community engagement solution called PowerEngage to connect with the public utilizing police services. The service launched in September 2022 uses text messaging to connect callers with important information and allows feedback through short surveys following interactions with the department.

PowerEngage is a software solution that integrates with the Police Department’s Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management System. Text updates can be sent to people following a non-life-threatening call for service or from an Officer’s report. Information relative to their call can be sent throughout the life cycle of the investigation.

With PowerEngage, text message surveys can be sent hours or days after a person has utilized a police department service. Customers can opt-out of text surveys if they choose not to provide feedback. The information gathered from the short surveys will be used to continuously improve the services provided by the department. Positive feedback will be shared to encourage employees, boost morale, and recognize outstanding service. 

It is important to remember these customer service text updates and surveys should not be used to report any type of emergency or crime. As always, call 9-1-1 for any emergency or to report criminal activity.

For more information on the program contact Communications Supervisor Amber Kleppe by email or call 828-697-3030.