Top Ten Apple Festival Safety Tips

In preparation for Labor Day weekend, the Hendersonville Police Department has some reminders before you head to the NC Apple Festival. 

Top Ten Apple Festival Safety Tips 

1. Drive Safe 
There will be lots of traffic, detours and extra pedestrians throughout the Labor Day weekend. Motorists should slow down, avoid distractions (like texting and driving), and stay alert for pedestrians, other motorists and new traffic patterns. See street closure and parade detour map.

2. Hot Hot Hot 
One of the most frequent incidents occurring at large festivals is related to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Make sure you and your family remain hydrated, wear sunscreen, and take breaks in the shade to stay cool.  

3. For the Love of Fido 
For the safety and comfort of pets, non-service animals are discouraged at the festival. Large crowds and potentially hot temperatures and pavement are not the best environment for animals. Please keep the fur babies comfortably at home. 

4. Stay Informed
The City of Hendersonville offers free emergency and non-emergency notifications. Signing up is easy and you can customize the types of alerts and delivery methods. Visit to create a profile and customize alerts or text AlertHVL to 226787 to automatically sign up for all text alerts. 

5. Call 911 for Emergencies 
If you experience or witness an emergency (medical emergency, lost child, suspicious activity, etc.) dial 911. A large number of emergency responders will be at the Apple Festival and by calling 911 you can help on-site personnel and additional crews to be dispatched quickly to respond.  

6. Lost People 
Always have a method to reach others in your group if you become separated. If you are missing someone at the festival, go to the Hendersonville Police Department Command Post at the intersection at 3rd Ave & Main St and a Police Officer can assist you in locating the missing person. If a lost child is found, stay put and dial 911. A Police Officer will come to you and reunite the lost child with their parent or guardian. 

7. Protect Your Property 
Lock your car doors and do not leave valuables visible in your vehicle. Maintain situational awareness with purses, wallets and purchases when moving around the festival. 

8. Celebrate Responsibly 
Do not drink and drive! If you plan to consume alcohol, make sure you have a designated driver or safe way home. You must be at least 21 years old to consume, possess or buy alcohol. HPD is participating in the Governor’s Highway Safety Program Labor Day Booze It & Lose It Campaign and will be on the lookout for impaired drivers. 

9. See Something, Say Something 
Report suspicious activity to law enforcement immediately by calling 911. 

10. General Festival Questions 
Event information, entertainment schedules, and FAQs are available at
Apple Festival volunteers and board members will be wearing Apple Festival shirts and are able to assist with questions.