Take the Gen H Comprehensive Plan Survey

Where do you see Hendersonville in 20 years and beyond? This is the question the City of Hendersonville is asking its residents and stakeholders as they develop Gen H: Hendersonville’s Comprehensive Plan.  

Take the Gen H Survey Now

Hendersonville is beginning the process of developing a 2045 Comprehensive Plan to establish a long-term vision for sustainable growth and conservation.  The Comprehensive Plan is being referred to as Gen H, to encourage the community to think generationally about the future of Hendersonville. This plan will build on the foundation of the existing 2030 plan while updating and expanding the policy framework for the future. 

Every Hendersonville resident, and those who work in or visit Hendersonville, are stakeholders in the development of the Gen H Comprehensive Plan,” said Mayor Barbara Volk. “We want all of Hendersonville to participate and make the process as inclusive and successful as possible.” 

Over the next ten months, the City of Hendersonville will be providing a wide range of public engagement opportunities for the community to learn more and provide the input that will shape the Gen H plan. 

Hendersonville community members are first invited to visit the Gen H website at www.hvlnc.gov/GenH and take the survey that will run from August 14 to November 14. The survey captures the community’s input on land use and growth, conservation, community character, sustainability, economic development, parks and greenspace and more. 

Community input meetings will be held throughout the Gen H plan development process. The meetings will be held throughout the year and announced on the City’s website and social media.  

Hendersonville’s popular Council Conversation series is joining forces with the Community Development Department to bring Gen H Council ‘Comp-versations’ to five locations across the City. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with their City Council members and take part in the development of the 2045 Gen H Comprehensive Plan. 

Community members can take the Gen H survey, view upcoming events, and sign up to receive updates at www.hvlnc.gov/GenH