Supplemental "Stay at Home" Proclamation from Henderson County

Downtown Program Update 

Henderson County has issued a “Supplemental Proclamation” for the Emergency Order originally enacted on March 14th, 2020. The additional restrictions in the “Supplemental Proclamation” are to go into effect at NOON on Saturday, March 28th, 2020. 

Key Components: 

  • The proclamation includes a “Stay At Home” order for all individuals currently living within Henderson County and all the municipalities located therein. Notable Prohibitions: 
    • Public Gatherings of more than ten (10) people 
    • All Businesses not included in “Essential Businesses and Operations” as defined in the proclamation are to cease all activities. 
    • All places of public amusement where people may gather, whether indoors or out…shall be closed to the members of the public. 
  • Exempted Activities: 
    • Health & Safety Activities; Obtainment of Necessary Supplies & Services; Outdoor Activity; Permitted business functions; Taking Care of Others; and Compliance with Court Orders. 
  • Relevant Exempted Businesses & Permitted Business Activities:
    • Groceries, Gas Stations, Hardware Stores & Supplies, Media, Finances, Insurance, Laundry Services, Mail, Professional Services 
    • Restaurants for Off-Premise Consumption 
      • Nothing in the order is intended to supersede existing instruction to restaurants. 
    • Non-Essential Goods & Services – Alternate Offering 
      • Any business providing non-essential goods and services may continue to operate, provided they do so by delivery, mail order, or virtual/web service only, with no in-store customer traffic, and provided further they otherwise comply with this Order, any order from the President or federal government, and any order from the Governor or state government. 

The proclamation is significantly more detailed and expansive than what is outlined above, and we highly encourage you each to review the document in its entirety. What is above is a quick re-cap based on our initial reading of the document and doesn’t represent legal consult by a long shot. Violation of the ordinance carries a class two misdemeanor. 

That caveat includeda majority of downtown businesses would appear to either fall under the Restaurants or Non-essential Goods & Services categories. That means that you can’t allow anyone in your place of businesses but can continue to offer delivery and curb-side pickup. 

This proclamation will remain in effective until otherwise lifted or altered by act of the Henderson County Board of Commissioners with the consent of the municipalities. 

The complete proclamation can be found in this PDF, or at www.hendersoncountync.gov



The Downtown Hendersonville Program continues to monitor impacts to local businesses. Resources for businesses and links for important information are currently being added to

Downtown businesses are asked to take this survey on the impacts so the department can continue to evaluate and address business needs.



Lew Holloway, Downtown Economic Development Director

Jamie Carpenter, Downtown Economic Development Coordinator

Meredith Friedheim, Downtown Events Coordinator