State of Emergency Issued Ahead of Tropical Storm Ian

The City of Hendersonville has issued a State of Emergency ahead of Tropical Storm Ian that goes into effect at midnight on September 29, 2022. A state of emergency can be declared in the event or imminent threat of a natural disaster. Declaring a state of emergency helps governments protect communities from the immediate dangers of a disaster, in part by providing resources for rescue, shelter, or evacuation. 

**The State of Emergency ended at 12:00 a.m. on October 3, 2022 by proclamation of the Mayor.**

Mayor’s Proclamation of State of Emergency 

Whereas, a state of emergency has been declared by the City of Hendersonville Mayor Barbara G. Volk to exist under N.C.G.S. § 166A-19.22, and as authorized by Hendersonville Code of Ordinances Chapter 36, Article V, Division 2, and  

Whereas, the State of North Carolina has vested in the City Council and, where so ordained, the Mayor the power to issue proclamations restricting the movement and other actions during declared emergencies, and  

Whereas, I, as Mayor have adjudged it practical and expedient because of existing circumstances to declare an emergency and issue such a proclamation.  

Now, therefore, by the power vested in me by the State of North Carolina and pursuant to the City Code of Ordinances, Section 36-182, I, Barbara G. Volk, Mayor of the City of Hendersonville, do hereby declare that a state of emergency is in effect and proclaim the effectiveness of emergency procedures as follows:  

  1. This state of emergency is declared by the City of Hendersonville.
  2. The state of emergency shall be in effect beginning at midnight on the 29th day of September,
  3. The state of emergency covers the municipal boundaries of the City of Hendersonville, as well as all City-owned property and facilities.
  4. The City Manager is hereby authorized to take necessary actions and expend City funds to protect City facilities and the health, safety and welfare of Hendersonville citizens.
  5. The state of emergency is in effect until the end of the state of emergency as declared by the Mayor.
  6. The City Clerk and other persons designated by me are hereby directed to disseminate this declaration to the press and other news media and upon electronic distribution media controlled by the City of Hendersonville.

Done this 29th day of September 2022. 

State of Emergency Document