Roadside Mowing Starts May 9

The City of Hendersonville Public Works Department will be conducting roadside mowing on City streets starting May 9 and continuing until late September. Vegetation control along roadsides improves the visibility of signs, preserves sightlines for road users, and keeps sidewalks clear and free from overhanging limbs and branches.

“Managing the vegetation along our streets is an important function of our Public Works Department,” said Public Works Director Tom Wooten. “The main goal is to keep our City streets safer for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.”

Residents are encouraged to maintain their property adjacent to the street right of ways to avoid the need and effect of the City’s sidearm mower. With 68 miles of streets to maintain, the sidearm mower is the only viable way Public Works can manage this volume of roadside maintenance. 

A general guideline for homes adjacent to roadways is to keep any bushes, tree limbs, etc. out of the roadway and 1-2 feet behind the curb or edge of the pavement. The height should be approximately 16 feet above the road surface. 

For streets with sidewalks, the same applies for the roadway while sidewalks should be clear of obstructions to a height of 7-8 feet. 

Property owners near intersections are also asked to keep vegetation and debris trimmed far enough away from the intersections to allow motorists a reasonable line of sight before entering the intersection. 

For more information about the roadside mowing program, please contact the City’s Public Works Department at 828-697-3084.