RFP for 7th Avenue Branding

RFP: Branding of 7th Avenue District

The City of Hendersonville Community Development Department desires to establish a new logo to be utilized in marketing and building a stronger awareness of the unique qualities of the 7th Avenue District. The department is seeking a qualified design firm that can utilize a collaborative process with integrated community engagement that identifies a brand for the 7th avenue district within the context of existing downtown branding.

District Background

The 7th Avenue District is a historic hub of commerce in Hendersonville, serving as a primary gateway into the city during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The district was built around the train with the historic depot (1879) being the center of activity. The loss of passenger rail service, changing retail trends and road projects led to less prominent role in the local economy beginning the 60’s. These changes precipitated a lack of investment in the district and the associated deterioration of many of the commercial properties around the depot.

In 1998, the Historic Seventh Avenue District established a municipal service district to generate investment into the district as an independent nonprofit. In 2015/2016 the non-profit and associated Board became a component of the Downtown Economic Development department within the City. While the district has a more industrial setting than Main Street, the non-profit had done much to support a variety of businesses and several unique but underused properties.

In more recent years, infrastructure and event improvements have been made in the district. Maple Street was renovated in 2018 with the Hendersonville Farmers Market opening in 2020 along that enhanced corridor. With the intention of generating traffic and awareness of the district in addition to offering fresh produce, the market has been a tremendous success and valuable brand component for the district. Beginning in late 2021, a $1.3 million streetscape project will begin, while the police department will relocate to a brand-new facility immediately adjacent to the district.

Running parallel to this public sector driven improvement, the private sector has also been busy, with several properties changing hands and new businesses being generated, all of which has added to energy in the district and the draw of the district for visitors and residents alike. This including 3 breweries, Underground Bakery and White Duck Taco Shop, among others. 

Current Overall materials: Different variations of the “H” logo are used for downtown and city wide branding. We are not seeking to replace the “H” Logo, and foresee that being used as a way to connect both districts by brand. The “H” logo is used on city furniture, tree grates, etc.

Past 7th Avenue Logo:

Project Overview

Efforts have been made to brand the overall Downtown as being inclusive of both the Main Street and Seventh Avenue Districts. The ideal branding would elevate the distinct features of Seventh Avenue as a niche while still being a part of the overall downtown district. The final deliverables would include a branding position for the district that fits within the downtown context, including a logo that can be adapted into a variety of media. The branding would also help to inform gateway signage that will be incorporated into the scope of work for the streetscape improvements.

Goals of the project:

  1. District and Community Input: Department staff can assist with development of digital (survey) and facilitating focus groups or public input to gain buy in for the district’s brand. This input may also be used as a primer for additional community discussions and master planning processes.
  2. Brand Position and Naming: The district currently is referred to as a few combinations of names (Historic 7th Avenue District, 7th Avenue Historic District, 7th Avenue Depot District, Historic 7th Avenue Depot District, and a combination of using the numerical 7 and spelled “seventh”). The final project should result in a determined name for the district.
  3. District Logo: A district logo that is complementary to the Downtown “H” and which can be used for a variety of functions, including signage and marketing collateral.

 Scope of Work:

Develop a brand theme and logo for the Seventh Avenue District in Hendersonville, NC

The scope of the project will extend from concept to completion and shall include:

  • An outline for public input that includes price breakout and areas department staff will be needed for support or facilitation.
  • A simple brand story or theme outline that includes a brief summary for how that brand was developed by a public input process, and any additional recommendations.
  • A logo design that can be adapted for multiple formats, including:
    • Full color version on black, white and transparent background
    • Single color version on black, white and transparent background
    • Grayscale version on black, white and transparent background
    • Horizontal and vertical layout (if necessary)
    • High resolution vector logo that can be scalable and includes layered images of the final approved logo, as well as flattened images in .jpeg, .png and pdf formats.
  • Consultation on style for gateway signage that will be installed as a part of the streetscape improvement that fits within the context of the brand story.

Target Deliverable Schedule:

Questions may be emailed to Jamie Carpenter, Downtown Manager at jcarpenter@hvlnc.gov until May 14 2021. All questions will be answered by the end of day May 18, 2021.

Proposals are due in electronic format to jcarpenter@hvlnc.gov by 5pm on May 21, 2021. Proposals will be reviewed by the downtown Community Character Team and Staff on June 1 and final proposals will be voted on by the Downtown Advisory Board June 8, 2021.

Public input should take place between July and September 2021, with a draft due to Downtown Program Staff in September with a final target project completion by October 8.

If the timeline needs to be adjusted, please include those adjusted dates in your proposal.


Budget Constraints:

Target budget for this project is between $5,000 and $15,000. Please include cost breakout in the proposal, with options that may be reduced by support from downtown program staff (ie. Coordinating or facilitating meetings, survey design and distribution, etc).

Revisions:  Please include in your proposal a process and cost outlay for revisions and feedback.

Evaluation Metrics:

The Downtown Advisory Board will evaluate bidders and proposals reviewed by staff and the Community Character Team based on the following review criteria:

Skills/Creativity:  Please demonstrate through the submission of portfolio samples, including assignment and/or speculative projects that demonstrate technical and creative execution, particularly for similar projects. You should be able to document/demonstrate the full scope of the various services your firm provides.

Resources/capability: Please demonstrate through a brochure or other document your business experience, staff, skills and expertise, projects of note, project management, methodology, ability to meet milestones.

Pricing Structure/Rate: Please provide a comprehensive pricing and/or rate street for all potential services you may provide under this RFP agreement and any additional services that could be offered.

Additional consideration may be given for future projects to firms that offer robust downtown master planning services.




For questions, please contact Jamie Carpenter, Downtown Manager