Launches to Support Henderson County Businesses During Covid-19

Difficult circumstances often bring out the very best in collective efforts, a trend the Friends of Downtown Hendersonville, Henderson County Chamber of Commerce, and a group of concerned citizen volunteers saw play out firsthand this week. Conceiving, creating and launching the "Love Hendo" campaign, this group came together to actively respond to the significant impact small businesses are experiencing during this unprecedented time. 

“There is a lot of uncertainty for small business owners right now, especially in light of the recent restrictions for dining establishments,” said Lew Holloway, Downtown Economic Development Director for the City of Hendersonville, “We know this is scary for small businesses, and we hope this effort brings awareness to that fact and make things just a little bit better for our business community.”

What provides is a place for people to see how they can support Henderson County businesses while practicing social distancing via gift card and gift certificate purchases. Holloway noted that, "Daily & weekly cash flow for small businesses is a big part of keeping the doors open and with some being forced to close those doors and all being impacted, gift cards can play a huge role in maintaining cash flow and helping our small business community get through."

Check out for this and other ideas to help our local businesses and look for special offers, including bonus cash, from many of your local merchants while you are there. The website went live Thursday, March 19 and will continue to be updated as businesses submit information, which interested businesses can do on the site's home page.

The LoveHendo team and community partners are also continuing to brainstorm additional ways to help businesses during this time. Launching on Friday, March 20 you will be able to take advantage of dedicated "Curbside Pick-Up" spaces along Main Street, the Avenues and 7th Avenue. 

How do I do curbside pick-up, you ask?

  1. Call your favorite restaurant in the district to check if they offer curbside pick-up. Alternatively, check out and look for businesses offering "Curbside Take-Out"
  2. Ask them what location they are using for pick-ups. 
  3. Drive down Main Street or Seventh Avenue to your designated spot and look for the Curbside Pick-Up sign.
  4. Enjoy a fabulously prepared meal at your home!