Hendersonville’s 7th Avenue District Streetscape Project: Progress and Updates

The City of Hendersonville is pleased to share updates on the ongoing 7th Avenue District Streetscape Project, which continues to make significant progress. Businesses and the community are eagerly anticipating the full reopening of the area, particularly with the completion of the Grove Street Intersection and the installation of the new gateway signage, which opened just before July 4th. This opening regains access to west-end businesses including Marco’s Pizza, Claywood, Celtic Creamery, and All Saints Animal Hospital.  

The next phase of the project will focus on extensive underground utilities and above-ground work at the intersection of Maple Street and 7th Avenue. During this period, vehicular access will be rerouted to ensure businesses impacted by construction remain accessible. Local traffic and parking remains open between Ashe Street and the Maple closure, keeping easy access to White Duck Taco, Yellow Cottage Antiques, The Brandy Bar, Executive Auto Detail, as well as additional informal parking along Boxcar street.  

Suggested routes to access businesses on 7th Avenue and Maple Street during Maple Intersection Closure: 

How to access the Northwest side of 7th Avenue Closure Area (Daddy D’s, Lux Salon, Cabbage Rose Event Venue, M&T Distillery, Tierney Floors, Homemade Pasta Noodles and Locust Street Businesses: Old Lab Mercantile, Sycamore Cycles)  

Coming from North Main (Mini Golf): 

  • From North Main Street, turn South onto Maple Street OR Locust Street 
  • Private parking is available for businesses in rear of buildings, accessed on Track Street. On and off street parking is also available on Maple and Locust Streets. 

West from 7th Avenue East (coming in from Lowes) 

  • From 7th Avenue East, turn right on Ashe Street all the way to the end of the street by the Boys and Girls Club 
  • Turn Left on Ray Avenue 
  • Turn Left on North Main Street, and take the next Left on Maple 

Coming from MLK Jr. Blvd or Grove Street (coming North from Henderson County Courthouse): 

  • Follow Grove Street through intersection (at 7th Avenue Sign)
  • Turn Right on Bearcat Blvd
  • Turn Right on Locust Street – Parking is available for Daddy D’s, Lux Salon, and Old Lab Mercantile just before the closed construction area
  • To continue on to Maple Street businesses, turn left on 8th Avenue and right to Maple Street to access Maple Street businesses that are North of 7th Avenue and informal parking in grass along Maple Street by the train tracks.

How to access businesses on the South Side of 7th Avenue Closure and Maple Street at the Historic Depot (Mini Batch Bakery, Underground Bakery/Independent Beans, Kilpatrick’s Upholstery, and Hendersonville Farmers Market on Saturdays) 

From 7th Avenue East (from Lowes Area) - Note – there is informal parking along the Train Tracks on Boxcar Street 

  • From 7th Avenue East, turn left on Ashe Street. You will pass by the Hendersonville Police Department. 
  • Turn Right on to Hwy 64 West, get in the far-left lane 
  • Turn Left onto Grove Street 
  • Turn Left onto 5th Avenue W 
  • Turn Left onto Maple Street, Public Parking is available on Maple Street and 5th Avenue.  

This project represents a substantial investment in the city's pedestrian, water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure, as well as lighting and landscaping within the business district. It aims to enhance walkability, improve connections to the Main Street Municipal Service District, and showcase the unique character of the historic district. The district has seen substantial increase in attention and attraction due to the planned improvements and the opening of the Hendersonville Farmers Market in 2020, which brings over 40,000 visitors to the district every summer.  

This much-anticipated project was slated to begin in 2020 but ran into issues related to the pandemic and subsequent delays due to construction and material availability. In December 2023, the City Council authorized a contract with Harper General Contractors to lead this transformative project, with construction commencing in February. Since May, Harper General Contractors has been diligently working on the intersection at MLK Blvd, Grove Street, and 7th Avenue, which reopened last week, just in time for Independence Day. While some landscaping work remains, the new gateway signage is up, and vehicular traffic now has access to Grove Street, providing easier access to businesses and parking on the west end of the 7th Avenue Construction Site. 

The City encourages residents and visitors to support local businesses along 7th Avenue during the ongoing construction. Your patronage is more important than ever as we work to enhance our community. 

Ongoing project updates are available at www.hvlnc.gov/7thStreetscape.