Guided Tree Walk Along the Avenues on February 6

A guided winter tree walk along Third and Fourth Avenues in Hendersonville’s West Side Historic District neighborhood will highlight registered Heritage Trees and a variety of large, shapely trees that complement the historic homes. On Sunday, February 6, the walk will begin at 2 p.m.  Space is limited for the 90-minute walk. Reservations must be made by Friday, February 4, by phoning Mac Brackett at 828-692-3026.  Details will be provided.  The walk, which is sponsored by Hendersonville Tree Board, is open to the public at no charge. Mark Madsen, a member of the Tree Board and an ISA Certified Arborist, will lead the walk, describing the shapes and characteristics of wintertime oaks, maples, spruce, hemlocks and other urban trees along the route, some of which are 100-plus years old. He will point out registered Heritage Trees and discuss proper care to maintain health of older trees.

“Large, mature, shapely trees give wonderful character to our historic neighborhoods, especially in winter when they are bare,” Madsen said.  “Hundreds of people drive along these two avenues on their way to somewhere else, but this walk gives us a chance to really look at and appreciate the special beauty and contribution of these wonderful trees in this long-established neighborhood.”

Hendersonville Tree Board is commissioned by the City of Hendersonville to provide advice on the selection and care of trees and shrubs.  The Tree Board also educates the public concerning the economic and aesthetic benefits of trees and shrubs for the community.  The Arbor Day Foundation has recognized Hendersonville as a Tree City USA for 30 years because of its high level of tree care.  The city also became a Bee City USA in 2015.     

Phone Tree Board member Mac Brackett at 828-692-3026 by Friday, February 4, to make a reservation.   To learn more about Hendersonville Tree Board and its projects, visit the webpage at