Downtown Winter Weather

Public Works crews are preparing for a big snow this weekend. Crews will be coming in starting Midnight Saturday night and work on clearing roads all through the night and into Sunday morning. They prioritize downtown, and in order for them to most effectively clean up downtown, please:
  1. Bring in or highly condense all of your outdoor furniture before close of business on Saturday night. If you do not, the city is not responsible for any damages that happen while they are cleaning streets and sidewalks.  This includes planters/bollards that are used to enclose your space. If crews cannot easily get in and out of your area with at least a 7 ft clearance, you will need to remove snow/ice from your sidewalk outside of your business. 
  2. Do not leave cars parked on Main Street or in Avenues where possible. This will help with clearing roads. Vehicles left overnight on Main Street or Avenues run the risk of getting stuck behind snow mounds for several days. Please keep that in mind for customers for Saturday night. 

Crews will be coming in around midnight Saturday night to get to work to clear downtown and the roads as quickly as possible to make it safe and helpful for everyone, and on a holiday weekend. We sure do appreciate the work they do and if you see them out working this weekend please consider offering them some friendly appreciation.

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