Clean Streams Day in Hendersonville Scheduled for May 21

The City of Hendersonville will be participating in Clean Streams Day on Saturday, May 21 from 10 am to 1 pm. Clean Streams Day is a cleanup event that brings community members and organizations together to clear trash from their local waterways. During this event, a team of volunteers and City of Hendersonville staff will float down Mud Creek in canoes cleaning up trash along the way.  

“This will be a great opportunity to get outside with friends and help make our city’s waterways cleaner and healthier,” said Hendersonville’s Stormwater Administrator Michael Huffman. “Hendersonville’s cleanup event corresponds with Asheville Greenworks’ annual Clean Streams Day which kicks off the summer river cleanup season.” 

The City of Hendersonville’s Stormwater Division can provide canoes for a limited number of people, but participants are welcome to bring their own kayaks and canoes as well.  

All volunteers will need to register online before the event at or by visiting the City of Hendersonville website. The meeting location and additional information is available on the registration form.  

Questions about the event may be directed to Hendersonville Stormwater Administrator Michael Huffman at