City of Hendersonville Lifts Water Shortage Advisory 

The City of Hendersonville has lifted the Water Shortage Advisory following several significant rain events. Above normal water levels of the Mills River and favorable long-range precipitation models combined with the reduction of the county’s drought status from moderate to abnormally dry prompted Hendersonville Water & Sewer to lift the advisory. 

“We appreciate our customers' continued efforts to conserve water to mitigate the effects of our area’s recent drought conditions,” said Utilities Director Adam Steurer. In accordance with its Water Shortage Response Plan, Hendersonville issued a series of water shortage advisories and alerts in the fall and winter of 2023 that corresponded with the drought conditions and lower-than-normal water levels on the Mills River. 

The decision to lift the advisory underscores the City's commitment to closely monitoring environmental conditions and responding proactively to safeguard water resources. The organization’s commitment to resiliency extends to an additional water intake on the French Broad River that is currently under construction. Hendersonville City Council and utility leadership have been working toward a $23.5 million dollar project for a number of years that will add a fourth water source to the system and enhance drought resistance for the utility. The project is scheduled to be completed later this year. 

The City of Hendersonville remains dedicated to keeping the community informed and involved in sustainable practices as we move forward. This collaborative effort ensures the resilience of Hendersonville’s water supply and reinforces the City's ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. 

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