Changes to LoveHendo Saturday

Downtown Businesses and Community:

While we continue to hear a mix of responses to the long term potential and reality of the LoveHendo event(s) from the community and businesses, a growing number of downtown businesses have reflected that it is unwelcomed and has had a damaging impact to business operations. As such, the Downtown Advisory Board has recommended and the city has responded with a cessation of further stand-alone LoveHendo event street closures. 

Moving through the end of 2021 and into 2022 there is no plan to host a recurring stand-alone Love Hendo event with the associated street closures. Events previously scheduled or planned in alignment with LoveHendo weekends will continue moving forward, including any event specific street closures.

For the remainder of 2021, that translates to the following activities on the 2nd Saturday of each month:

September: (No Event Planned) No LoveHendo planned because of the NC Apple Festival. 

October: (Canceled) LoveHendo planned to coincide with Motorama. Motorama has been called off due to extremely low vehicle inventory at dealerships. It will return in 2022 barring additional setbacks. 

November: Tails In Town will take place the weekend of November 13th, but no additional LoveHendo street closures beyond those required for this event will be implemented. Any impacted streets will be reopened at the conclusion of the Tails In Town event. Merchants who have extended their presence during LoveHendo Saturdays in 2021 will be allowed to extend onto the street with no vendor fee thanks to our friends at WTZQ radio. Additional details to follow. 

December: (Canceled) Hospice's Tree of Lights event is scheduled to take place on December 10 (Friday) and a Jingle Jog 5k will take place on 11th, but no additional LoveHendo street closures beyond those required for the Jingle Jog will be implemented. Any impacted streets will be reopened at the conclusion of the 5k event.

Planning for the 2022 event calendar is on-going and many of the events that were planned to coincide with LoveHendo weekends in 2021 have indicated that they plan to move forward with similar events in 2022. Downtown Hendersonville’s downtown district is in a class by itself and we look forward to continuing to work with each of you to play up that fact to our collective advantage. 

The Downtown Advisory Board and City Council are grateful for each and every one of your businesses and the energy and effort you contribute to making our downtown the very best. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the board members, Jamie Carpenter, Downtown Manager, or Lew Holloway, Community Development Director to share your concerns. The board meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month and holds a time for public comment at the beginning of each meeting. This is your opportunity to have your statements on record. Meetings are in the Downtown offices above the public restrooms at 4pm and are also streamed live via Zoom. 

All the best, 

Caroline Gunther, Chair of Downtown Advisory Board

Lew Holloway, Community Development Director, City of Hendersonville

Jamie Carpenter, Downtown Manager, City of Hendersonville