Add the Water Meter to your Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Hendersonville Water & Sewer asks Customers to Keep their Water Meters Accessible

With the arrival of better weather and the increased focus on yards and landscaping, Hendersonville Water & Sewer has an important reminder for customers: Keep your water meters accessible

Meter technicians need meters to be free from obstructions to ensure they can collect an accurate read. They also need access to make repairs, conduct routine maintenance, turn water off and on, and make replacements if necessary. 

“Our team of meter techs are responsible for reading more than 31,000 meters located across the City’s water system,” said Hendersonville’s Utility Director Lee Smith. “If customers have their meter boxes covered up with plants, mulch, or other items, it slows down our team’s efficiency. We want to continue providing great service and keeping meter boxes clear is an easy way our customers can help us out.” 

water meter covered with ivy and cleared off

Customers can take the following steps to keep their meters clear:  

  • Trim bushes, trees and grass that block access or cover the meter.
  • Minimize planting in the area where technicians must travel to access the meter.
  • Do not bury or mulch, gravel, or pave over your meter.
  • Keep pets away from meter and the path that leads to your meter.
  • Remove any objects (like lawn ornaments, flower boxes, decorative rocks, garbage cans, vehicles, equipment, etc.) that cover or block access to the meter. 
  • Ensure that meters are not blocked by locked gates or fencing.  
  • Make sure your home’s address is clearly displayed on your residence.

The City of Hendersonville offers a free AquaHawk Alerting system that gives customers more control over their water expenses. If meters are obstructed, this can prevent AquaHawk from working properly and cause customers to miss out on alerts about abnormal water usage and potential leaks. 

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