ADA Transition Plan and Community Survey

The City of Hendersonville, NC is undertaking an Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan project to improve accessibility in all aspects of its services. A Transition Plan is required by ADA regulations for all municipal entities with more than 50 employees. 

Take Hendersonville's ADA Transition Plan Survey to help the city become more accessible.

“Our City has always believed that facilities, programs, and services should be accessible to all members of the community,” said Public Works Director Tom Wooten. “Our goal with this Transition Plan is to mark where we are succeeding now and where we need to improve going forward.” 

The Transition Plan will involve an assessment of accessibility barriers on City-owned public right-of-way as well as sidewalks within NCDOT’s right-of-way. Barriers can include insufficient sidewalk width, absent or non-compliant curb ramps, level changes (trip hazards), and other items. A plan for remediation of barriers will be created and implemented over the coming years. 

“We recently completed our Walk Hendo Pedestrian Plan which identifies areas and projects to improve the pedestrian experience in our City,” said Tom Wooten. “Committing to this Transition Plan update shows that Hendersonville today and Hendersonville going forward is investing in growing accessibly.” 

Key to the ADA Transition Plan process is public input. Community collaboration enhances the ADA Transition Plan by ensuring focus isn’t just on accessibility barriers, but also on the lived experience of those with disabilities in the community. 

Hendersonville community members are encouraged to take the survey below and to spread it to other members of the community. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and will be available until the end of April 2024.  

Hendersonville has contracted with Precision Infrastructure Management (PIM), a consulting firm with extensive experience in ADA-related projects, to perform, manage, and draft the final ADA Transition Plan with close City support. Those wishing to communicate with PIM and offer additional feedback, can do so by contacting: 

Charlie Szold 
Managing Partner  

Take the ADA Transition Plan Community Engagement Survey