Crossing Guard

Job Type: Part Time
Salary Range: 
Job Description:

The City of Hendersonville is seeking applicants for a School Crossing Guard. Crossing Guards work Monday through Friday for about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon, as school starts and ends. The times are somewhere between the hours of 07:25-08:30AM and 2:25-3:30PM on school days.


  1. Will have the responsibility of escorting young children across streets, stopping traffic as necessary.
  2. Will have to familiarize themselves with basic traffic control signals and successfully apply them.
  3. Must be at prescribed location at least five minutes before the start of school and the end of the school day.


  1. Must be able to work in a courteous manner with the public, especially young children.
  2. Must be in observant and alert.
  3. Must be able to turn, stand for 30-40 minutes at a time, bend at the knees, lift and push up to 50 pounds, move arms in multiple directions.
  4. Good eyesight and hearing is very important.
  5. Must be able to withstand inclement weather.


The rate of pay is $25.00 per hour. Non benefit eligible.

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