Stormwater Advisory Committee

City Council has expressed their preference to solicit applications from persons interested in serving on a Stormwater Advisory Committee. This Committee has not been officially formed and no Charter or Rules of Procedure have been adopted. In the event this Committee is formed by City Council in the future they will adopt it's Charter & Rules of Procedure which will outline any residency requirements. 

It is common for advisory boards and committees to mandate residency requirements for members to reside in the City of Hendersonville. However, in order to ensure a diverse representation across the area, the City of Hendersonville City Council may or may not consider appointing persons residing outside the city limits (but within the ETJ) to this Committee. You will be contacted by the Clerk when City Council has scheduled the appointments for their meeting or if you are ineligible due to any residency requirements that may be adopted. Please click on the Apply button on the right of this page to submit an application.