Water and Sewer Projects

Etowah Water System Improvements:

This project will include the installation of approximately 14,000-ft. of 12-inch ductile iron water main from the proposed booster pumping station to be located adjacent to Morgan Rd. in the Etowah area. This new pump station will lift water up to the 500,000-gallon storage tank to be located on Little Mountain off of Drexel Rd. These improvements should allow the City to remove several hydropnuematic pump stations currently boosting water pressure at some of the higher elevations of the City's water system in the Etowah area. 

French Broad River Raw Water Pump Station and Intake, Phase 2: 

This second phase complements the Phase 1 pipeline (completed - May 2011) and will consist of an intake and raw water pumping station located adjacent to the French Broad River; tentatively scheduled for construction in 2018.

Streambank Stabilization:

The City is providing streambank stabilization measures along Britton Creek, Mud Creek and an unnamed tributary to Bat Fork Creek. The measures will consist of vegetated geolifts, live staking and rip-rap to protect our existing sanitary sewer mains located along these streams. Currently we are having erosion issues along sanitary sewer lines within the streams. These concentrated areas could cause issues in the future if left alone. As part of protecting our infrastructure for the future, we will be obtaining a conservation easement surrounding our project areas. This easement will provide a stabilized bank for generations to come while providing a natural landscape buffer. The City awarded this project to Haywood Grading & Excavating and was completed during the fall of 2011.