Staff Contact Directory


Staff Title Phone
Connet, John City Manager (828)697-3000
Drake, Tammie City Clerk (828)697-3005
Ledbetter, Tara Public Information Officer (828)697-3018
Pahle, Brian Assistant to City Manager (828)233-3218


City Council

Staff Title Phone
Caraker, Steve Mayor Pro Tem (828)696-3615
Miller, Jeff City Council (828)693-7426
Smith, Jerry A. Council Member (828)243-9123
Stephens, Ron Council Member (828)697-1146
Volk, Barbara Mayor (828)697-3000


Development Assistance Department

Staff Title Phone
Frady, Susan Development Assistance Director (828)697-3010
Champion, Matthew Senior Planner (828)697-3010
Heyman, Daniel Planner (828)697-3010
Swann, Terri Administrative Aide (828)697-3010
  Zoning Enforcement Officer (828)697-3010


Downtown Economic Development

Staff Title Phone
Holloway, Lew Downtown Economic Development Director (828)233-3216
Jackson, Dalleen Promotions Coordinator (828)233-3205



Staff Title Phone
Detwiler, Brent City Engineer (828)697-3000
Fogo, Keith Construction Inspector (828)697-3000
Huffman, Michael Stormwater Quality Specialist (828)697-3000
Payne, Samuel Construction Inspector (828)697-3000
Penland, Travis GIS Administrator (828)233-3226
Pomraning, Mark Senior Engineering Technician (828)233-3236
Shanahan, Brendan Civil Engineer (828)233-3237



Staff Title Phone Water & Sewer Billing & Questions (828)697-3052
Deanna Van Wyk Payroll & Benefits Coordinator (828)697-3020
Buchanan, John Senior Accounting Supervisor (828)233-2880
Daugherty, Chassidy Customer Service Specialist (828)233-2875
Elliott, Caitlin Customer Service Specialist (828)697-3052
Fox , Donna Customer Service Specialist (828)233-2871
Holland, Tammy

Water/Sewer Customer Service Supervisor

Lemieux, Brandy Customer Service Specialist (828)697-3052
Lunsford, Melinda Customer Service Specialist (828)233-2873
Powell, Krystal Accountant (828)697-3056
Templeton, Alex Senior Customer Services Specialist (828)697-3229
White, Lisa Finance Director (828)697-3015
Winters, Sarah Customer Service Specialist (828)233-2870
Wong-Kearney, Faye Customer Service Specialist (828)233-2872
Wykle, Sarah Customer Service - New Accounts (828)233-2874
Young, Jean Accounts Payable (828)697-3080



Staff Title Phone
Bentley, Tony Fire Engineer (828)697-3024
Bradley, Aaron Fire Lieutenant (828)697-3024
Cagle, Tim Fire Captain (828)697-3024
Deso, Ray Fire Lieutenant (828)697-3024
Dunne, Bryan Firefighter/EMT (828)697-3024
Hamlin, Boyce Fire Engineer (828)697-3024
Herring, John Firefighter/EMT (828)697-3024
Hinson, Jerry Deputy Fire Marshal (828)697-3024
Justice, John G. Firefighter/EMT (828)697-3024
Kaplan, Paul Firefighter/ EMT (828)697-3024
Ludwig, Pamela Administrative Aide (828)697-3024
Kleppe, Thomas Fire Lieutenant (828)697-3024
Martin, Christopher Fire Engineer (828)697-3024
Martin, Terry Fire Engineer (828)697-3024
Miller, Christian Fire Lieutenant (828)697-3024
Miller, James Deputy Fire Chief (828)697-3024
Morgan, Jared Fire Engineer (828)697-3024
Nicholson, Dustin Fire Lieutenant (828)697-3024
Pearson, Michael Fire Engineer (828)697-3024
Poore, Joshua Fire Lieutenant (828)697-3024
Praytor, Billy Ray Fire Engineer (828)697-3024
Swain,Joseph Fire Engineer (828)697-3024
Thompson, Jacob Firefighter/EMT (828)697-3024
Tillotson, Victoria Firefighter/EMT (828)697-3024
Vindigni, Joseph Fire Chief (828)697-3024
Ward, Jon Fire Engineer (828)697-3024
Ward, Jonathan Fire Captain (828)697-3024
Ward, Justin Fire  Marshal (828)697-3024
Womack, Cameron Fire Engineer (828)697-3024


Human Resources

Staff Title Phone
Harrell, Jennifer Human Resources Director (828)697-3003
Welter, Lu Ann Human Resources Coordinator (828)233-3204



Staff Title Phone
Allman, Colby Police Officer (828)697-3051
Blake, Herbert Chief of Police (828)697-3031
Bonanno, Alan Police Officer (828)697-3051
Burcham, Wanda Lead Telecommunicator (828)697-3025
Buckman, Joshua Police Officer (828)697-3051
Cantwell, Robert Police Officer (828)697-3051
Capps, Matthew Police Officer (828)697-3025
Case, Jimmy Police Sergeant (828)697-3051
Castle, Susan Patrol Administrative Assistant (828)697-3051
Childress, Zeffrey Police Officer (828)697-3051
Cox, Tracey First Lieutenant (828)697-3038
Darrah, Bruce Police Detective (828)697-3051
Drake , Jennifer Police Officer (828)697-3051
Durner, Malinda Police Officer (828)697-3051
Gardin, Garrett Police Officer (828)697-3051
Glisson, Amber Police Telecommunicator (828)697-3025
Gunnin, Andrew Police Officer (828)697-3051
Henderson, Tiffany Police Telecommunicator (828)697-3025
Hipps, Kenneth Police Sergeant (828)697-3051
Howard, Monica Telecommunications Supervisor (828)697-3025
Hoyle, Michelle Police Officer (828)697-3051
Hudson, Philip Police Sergeant (828)697-3051
Ingram, Katherine Criminal Investigations Administrative Assistant / Evidence Tech (828)697-3042
Jones, Doug Police Captain (828)697-3040
Justus, Melissa Administrative Aide (828)697-3031
Laite , Peter Police Officer (828)697-3051
LaRowe, Eric Police Officer (828)697-3051
Laws, Trae Police Detective (828)697-3051
Leroy, Chris Police Detective - Lieutenant (828)697-3042
Letterman, Todd Police Lieutenant (828)697-3051
Lockhart, Anita Parking Services Supervisor (828)697-3050
Massey, Andre Reserve Police Officer (828)697-3051
Massey, Andre "Andy" Police Officer (828)697-3051
McGaha, Brandon Police Sergeant (828)697-3051
Merz, Robert Police Sergeant (828)697-3051
Nix, Kyle Police Officer (828)697-3051
Nix, Nancy Police Telecommunicator (828)697-3025
Olsen, Rich Police Detective (828)697-3042
Pack, Peggy Sr.Police Support Specialist (828)697-3036
Patton, Dale Police Lieutenant (828)697-3042
Phillips, Jeremy Police Officer (828)697-3051
Philon, Curtis Police Sergeant (828)697-3051
Simonds, Bruce Police Captain (828)697-3051
Singleton, Cameron Police Officer (828)697-3051
Smith, Nathan Police Detective (828)697-3051
Swain, Angela Police Support Specialist (828)697-3036
Tankersley, Jeffrey Police Officer (828)697-3051
Thiel, Kyle Police Detective (828)697-3051
Tweed, Jeff Police Telecommunicator (828)697-3025
Underwood, Robert Police Officer (828)697-3051
Valdibia, Antonio Police Officer (828)697-3051
Vesely, Mike Police Lieutenant (828)697-3051
Wing, Jonathan Police Officer (828)697-3051
Worthy, Leon Police Lieutenant (828)697-3051
Vance, Marcus Police Officer (828)697-3051


Public Works

Staff Title Phone
Allen, Christopher Environmental Services Worker I (828)697-3086
Anders, Jesse Equipment Mechanic (828)697-3086
Barnwell, Christopher Environmental Services Equipment Operator (828)697-3084
Bell, Chad Property Maintenance Crewleader (828)697-3084
Bernabe, Alejandro Property Maintenance Crewleader (828)697-3084
Bonham, Anthony Equipment Service Specialist (828)697-3086
Buckner , Jeremy Equipment Operator (828)697-3084
Cantrell , Mike Environmental Services Equipment Operator (828)697-3084
Cliff, Alan Environmental Services Worker II (828)697-3084
Colecio, Joseph Environmental Services Equipment Operator (828)697-3084
Cueto, Luis Street Maintenance Worker I (828)697-3084
Devine, William Environmental Services Equipment Operator (828)697-3084
Freeman, Chad Assistant Public Works Director (828)697-3084
Galloway , Eric Property Maintenance Worker (828)697-3084
Gordon, Harley Street Maint Worker II (828)697-3084
Henderson, Kemper Property Maint Worker (828)697-3084
Henderson, Ross Building Maintenance Technician (828)697-3084
Hensley, Timothy Street Maintenance Supervisor (828)697-3084
Hernandez, Miguel Environmental Services Worker (828)697-3084
Hoard, Joshua Environmental Services Supervisor Interim (828)697-3084
King, Timothy Environmental Services Crewleader (828)697-3084
Laughter, William Environmental Services Worker (828)697-3084
Ledford, Tammy Administrative Aide (828)697-3084
Martin, Alex Equipment Mechanic (828)697-3086
Martin, Jody Property Maint Worker (828)697-3084
Maybin, Joshua Street Maintenance Worker (828)697-3084
McClure, Christopher Environmental Services Worker (828)697-3084
Mendosa, Deon Building Maintenance Technician (828)697-3084
Mundy, Brandon Traffic Control Supervisor (828)697-3084
Mundy, Larry Fleet Maintenance Superintendent (828)697-3086
Pope, Brent Traffic Control Technician (828) 697-3084
Redden, Stacy Equipment Operator (828)697-3084
Reeves, Larry Building Maintenance Supervisor (828)697-3084
Revis, Kelly Environmental Services Equipment Operator (828)697-3084
Rhodes, Kevin Property Maintenance Supervisor (828)697-3084
Schaeffer, Anthony Environmental Services Worker (828)697-3084
Schofield, Sean Equipment Mechanic (828)697-3086
Shipman, James Property Maintenance Worker (828)697-3084
Smith, Terry Building Maintenance Technician (828)697-3084
Tankersley, Frank Street Maintenance Crewleader (828)697-3084
Vargas Uribe, Jose Property Maintenance Worker (828)697-3084
Warren, Patrick Equipment Mechanic (828)697-3086
West, Roy Environmental Services Worker I (828)697-3084
Wilson, Brianna Administrative Support Specialist (828)697-3084
Wooten, Tom Public Works Director (828)697-3084


Water & Sewer

Staff Title Phone
Bell, Stephen Water Treatment Plant Operator III (828)891-7779
Black, Allen Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Blackwell, Clay Line Maintenance Crewleader (828)697-3073
Blackwell, Dille Line Maintenance Crewleader (828)697-3073
Blackwell, Phyllis Meter Services Supervisor (828)697-3073
Bond, Ros Water Treatment Plant Operator III (828)891-7779
Bowen, Alan Utility Location Specialist (828)697-3073
Brogden, Andy Operations Manager (828)697-3073
Brown, Elmer "Rick" Treatment Plant Operator II (828)891-7779
Case, Carlen Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Chovan, Scott Waste Water Laboratory Supervisor (828)697-3077
Clugh, James Sr. Line Maintenance Mechanic (828) 697-3073
Cornett, Troy Utility Operations Specialist (828)233-3252
Demoss, Garrett Waste Water Treatment Plant Superintendent (828)697-3077
Duncan, Brad Line Maintenance Crewleader (828)697-3073
Duncan, Chris Sr. Facilities Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Edwards, Jaylan Waste WaterTreatment Plant Operator I (828)697-3077
Ellison , Brett Meter Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Fife, Michael Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator II (828)697-3077
Fuller, Alvin Utilities Engineer (828)233-3207
Galloway, Nicholas Water Treatment Plant Operator I (828)891-7779
Graham, Hunter Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Heatherly, James GIS Analyst (828)697-3000
Heatherly, Lewis Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Hensley, Joshua Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Herman, Matthew Leak Detection Technician (828)697-3073
Huffman, Amy Environmental Services Coordinator (828)697-3057
Hyatt, Robin Water Treatment Plant Operator I (828)891-7779
Johnson, Sherman Water Treatment Plant Operator III (828)891-7779
Jones, Andrew Line Maintenance Crewleader (828)697-3073
Jones, Austin Instrumentation & Electrical Technician (828) 697-3000
Jones, Dwayne Falicities Maintenance Supervisor (828)697-3073
Kinman, Chad Meter Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Kirchner, Keith Water Treatment Plant Maintenance Supervisor (828)891-7779
Kirchner, Kyle Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Laughter, Timothy Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Ledford, Richard Sr. Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Levi, Ricky Water Treatment Plant Operator III (828)891-7779
Lynch, Keith Utility Locations Specialist (828)697-3073
McCall, Brian Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
McCall , Matthew Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
McCall , Michael Warehouse Specialist (828)697-3073
Merbitz, Christopher Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Miller, Kirk Waste Treatment Plant Maintenance Supervisor (828)697-3077
Morgan, Kourtney Water Treatment Plant Operator II (828)891-7779
Mudd, Paul Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator II (828)697-3077
Norton, Gary Water Treatment Plant Operator III (828)891-7779
Page, Kenneth Inflow & Infiltration Technician (828)697-3073
Pennington, Gordon Meter Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Poss, Jeremy Technology and Metering Manager (828)233-3230
Putnam, Jeremiah Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator I (828)697-3077
Reedy, George Water Treatment Plant Operator III (828)891-7779
Reid, Richard Sr. Facilities Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Reid, Ron Water Treatment Plant Superintendent (828)891-7779
Rice, Adam Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Rogers, Alan Facilities Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Rogers, Jacoby Utility Location Specialist (828)697-3073
Sexton, Tim Collection System Supervisor (828)697-3073
Sloop, Charles Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Smathers, Caleb Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Smith, Brady Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator III (828)697-3077
Smith, Drew Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Smith, Lee Utilities Director (828)697-3073
Stewart, Lucas Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Taylor, Robert Sr. Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Trammell, Kyle Sr. Line Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Ursin, Jorja Administrative Support Specialist (828)697-3073
Walker, Sharon Utility Operations Support Supervisor (828)697-3073
Wiggins, Rhonda Administrative Aide (828)233-3206
Williams, Greg Facilities Maintenance Mechanic (828)697-3073
Williams, Paul Distribution System Supervisor (828)697-3073