Wellness Program

Our Wellness Mission

To encourage and support a culture of wellness that engages our work‐force and improves the health and well‐being of our employees.

The Wellness Committee operates as part of Human Resources in City Hall. Wellness Committee: Amber Glisson (PD), Deanna VanWyk (HR), Marcus Vance(PD), Thomas Kleppe (Fire), Caitlin Elliott (Finance), Tammy Ledford (PW), Kourtney Morgan (W&S), Rhonda Wiggins (WS), and Matt Champion (DAD),

Lu Ann Welter, HR Coordinator

145 Fifth Avenue East



The City’s Wellness Program, Taking Shape, is designed to get employees active by encouraging fitness, preventive measures, education and volunteer opportunities. The City has partnered with Mission Health to provide the technical support for our program. This brochure provides important information on how to participate in the program by earning points to receive quarterly wellness incentives.

To join the program:

~ complete the Account Form and return it to the HR Coordinator,

~ after receiving a Welcome e-mail, set up your account and complete the Personal Health Assessment,

~ obtain either a Garmin or Fitbit,

~ activate your device on your account, and

~ start earning points.

(To be eligible for enrollment, you must be eligible for the City’s Health and Dental Insurance or be a permanent part-time employee.)

Wellness Program Brochure

Health Visit Verification Form


The MedCost tobacco cessation partner, TrestleTree, utilizes health coaches to develop an individualized plan to stop using tobacco. By having a person to talk to one-on-one, this personalized approach increases the likelihood of long-term success.

TrestleTree coaches tailor the coaching with participants based on their unique needs and readiness to change. Your coach will help you:

• Understand the unique motivations and barriers you face

• Increase social support/coping strategies for triggers and cravings

• Teach relapse prevention techniques

• Give a "whole health" approach (e.g., increase exercise, change poor food habits, handle stress).

The one on one coaching is done over the phone at the time you both agree on with appointments lasting 15-30 minutes. Coaching is available Monday thru Thursday 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and on Fridays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. When a doctor documents medication as for tobacco cessation, you pay no out-of-pocket for smoking cessation products.

For more information about enrolling in TrestleTree, contact the League’s Health Benefits Trust at (919) 715-4000 or visit http://enroll.trestletree.com (Passcode: NCLM).