Wash Creek Stormwater Master Plan Project

We want your input!

ATTN: Citizens of Hendersonville

Wash Creek Watershed map
Wash Creek Watershed map

The City of Hendersonville Engineering Department has contracted with WithersRavenel to conduct a Stormwater Master Plan for portions of the Wash Creek watershed within City limits. The information collected will enable the City to:

 identify and assess the conditions of drainage structures;
 provide assistance in addressing localized flooding and drainage problems;
 develop priorities for watershed master planning;
 identify priorities for stormwater retrofits and future capital improvement needs, and
 develop a maintenance schedule for public infrastructure.

The Wash Creek Watershed is approximately 1,378 acres and is mainly located south of 6th Avenue West, west of King Street. Much of the drainage system is located within public right-of-way however, there may be instances where structures are located within private property. In those instances, it may be necessary for WithersRavenel staff to be on your private property in order to collect required information.

In order to ensure the recognition of WithersRavenel staff conducting the inventory, field personnel will wear brightly colored safety vests and shall be easily identified as WithersRavenel employees by our logo.

Beginning in late-September and continuing for approximately 4 weeks, field crews will be locating and assessing underground pipes, culverts, and drainage structures within the City limits. Survey crews will be identifying the location of drainage structures and taking measurements of the dimensions of pipe and open channels. They will not disturb property or vegetation on private property.

In addition to the work the survey crews are conducting, the City would also appreciate any input residents have regarding stormwater issues in the Wash Creek Watershed. You can submit your comments via an online survey or by contacting Michael Huffman, Stormwater Administrator, directly through the contact information below:

Michael Huffman, Stormwater Administrator
City of Hendersonville
305 Williams St. Hendersonville, NC 28791
Office: (828) 697-3013

Thank you for your participation in this important project.

Posted by Tammie D Thursday, September 27, 2018 11:12:00 AM