Update Customer Contact/ACH Information

For customers needing to update contact information or ACH information, please use our Information Update Form to submit a change in change request to the Customer Service Division. This form cannot be utilized to start or stop utility service. Please see the links below if you need to start or stop service.

Starting Service:

Starting New Water/Sewer Service-New or Existing Customers

Stopping Service:

Stopping Water/Sewer Service

If you need to reach the Customer Service Team, please call (828) 697-3052 or email CustomerService@hvlnc.gov.

The City of Hendersonville Water and Sewer utility is offering customers a one-time $25.00 credit for any existing water account customer, not already on automatic bank draft,  who signs up for automatic bank draft between the period of March 1, 2017 through June 1, 2017.  To learn more about getting this one-time credit please contact customer service at 828-697-3052 or customerservice@hvlnc.gov.   You can also complete the Authorization Agreement found at:  Automatic Bank Draft Form