Tree Board Projects & Activities

Pollinator Month BannerEarly 2018 Programs and Events Received Outstanding Community Support

June 2018 – Pollinator Month. A dozen events offered throughout the month partnered the Tree Board with a number of environmental and government organizations, nonprofits, and businesses to present outstanding educational programs for all ages on a variety of subjects.  Events throughout the month were well attended.

Late May – Tree Planting at Hendersonville Fire Station #1. Four trees were planted, with assistance from Tree Board member Wes Burlingame and Volunteer Suzanne Hale. The additional trees will improve and enhance tree coverage around the station at a very visual entryway to downtown. Fire Station personnel will maintain the new trees as they mature.


photo of volunteers at Garden Jubilee

May 26-27 – Garden Jubilee.  Tree Board partnered with Environmental Sustainability Board with an exhibit table of information during Garden Jubilee Festival in downtown Hendersonville.  Tree Board materials, pollinator perennials seed packets, and information about Bee City USA were at the table. 1,000 seed packets were available … five remained at the end of the festival.  We hope all those newly planted seeds are now feeding and hosting pollinators!


Photo from Arbor Day Celebration


May 4 – Arbor Day Celebration. Bruce Drysdale Elementary, N. Main St., downtown Hendersonville.  An American Chestnut tree was planted with assistance from fifth grade science class students and teacher at Bruce Drysdale Elementary.  Four Seasons Rotary International organized the event, and the Tree Board provided the tree, obtained from the American Chestut Society.  Hendersonville Mayor and NC Forest Service representatives spoke.


April 21  – Oklawaha Greenway Perennial Bed Planting. 10 volunteers from the Tree Board and Friends of the Oklawaha Greenway planted an additional flower bed, north of Berkeley Road, with more 250 flower plugs.


Photo of shade gardenMarch 20 For the Love of Trees:  How To Create A Garden in the Shade.  This program at Henderson County Library auditorium presented speakers Ruthie Rosauer and Seiglinde Anderson – each well received by an enthusiastic audience of about 80 people. Rosauer presented a powerful slide show of her photographs of trees. Landscape architect Anderson described best techniques and plants for a shade garden.





Photo of rain garden installationMarch 10Rain Garden Design and Installation Workshop, 9 am-4 p.m. Bruce Drysdale Elementary.  Tree Board sponsored this project in conjunction with Stormwater Quality Dept., Environmental Sustainability Board, and NC State University Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering.  Well attended, according to Mike Huffman, City’s Stormwater Coordinator and coordinator for the project.  Job done in one busy day!





Photo of guided tree walkJanuary 21 Guided Tree Walk Along the Avenues. Arborist and Tree Board member Mark Madsen led attendees along Third and Fourth Avenues in the Westside Historic District in downtown Hendersonille to learn about trees in winter.  We were blessed with a good-weather day and 25 attendees. Everyone showed up with enthusiasm. A number of prospective new volunteers signed up. 




The Hendersonville Tree Board is a volunteer committee appointed by Hendersonville City Council.  Its mission is to improve and maintain our urban forest, to educate citizens about trees and their economic and aesthetic importance, and to help implement the requirements of a registered Tree City USA.