Traffic Division

The Public Works Department maintains traffic lights and traffic controllers within the City, 1,000 overhead light fixtures and 100 controllers. Of course, there are NCDOT-maintained and City-maintained traffic lights. This depends on the street they are on and their location.

We receive a lot of calls wanting a new traffic light installed, restricted parking, or other traffic-related requests. The proper procedure to accomplish such a change is to write a letter or call the Police Department with your concern/thoughts. After receiving this request, the City has a formal procedure that is followed which includes conducting traffic counts, investigate the number of accidents, perform speed checks and investigate the visibility at the specific location. The Manual on Uniformed Traffic Control Devices is used to determine if the request meets warrants as specified in the manual. The Public Works Department in conjunction with the Police Department submit their findings to the City Council with a recommendation to deny or approve the request. The City Council makes the final decision.