Parking Deck

Milestone timeline:

June 2020
Schematic Design Review at 3 stories (4 levels)
Completed: Jun 4, 2020
October 2020
Site Plan Approved
Completed: Oct 1, 2020
July 2021
Finalized Design & Permitting
Completed: Jul 1, 2021
September 2021
Start of Demolition of Existing Buildings
Completed: Sep 7, 2021
September 2021
Guaranteed Maximum Price
Completed: Sep 22, 2021
November 2021
Construction Scheduled to Begin
January 2023
Estimated Project Completion

City Council has determined that a downtown parking deck is needed to provide sufficient parking in downtown Hendersonville. A 3-story (4-level) garage will be constructed at the corner of 5th Avenue and Church Street.

parking deck rendering 2021


Walker Consultants

Construction Manager at Risk

Edifice General Contractors