Employee of the Quarter

Officer photoLieutenant Mike Vesely received the following Letter of Commendation announcing him as Hendersonville Police Department’s most recent Employee of the Quarter.


Lieutenant Mike Vesely
A Letter of Commendation 
In Recognition for Services as Set Forth Herein

We take great pleasure in recognizing you as the Hendersonville Police Department Employee of the Quarter, for the period of January 1, 2020 to April 30, 2020. This selection was based on your demonstrated, sustained, superior performance in the execution of your duties during the period noted above.

You have been an extremely valuable asset for public safety. You took the lead in implementing the department’s new BOLO System Initiative for an added less lethal force option for our officers and citizens. In addition, your team is continuously asked to provide ancillary policing services as they arise. More important as of late, you were profoundly proactive in the pursuit of grant opportunities to assure our department’s staff as well as other area agencies were sufficiently supplied with Personal Protective Equipment to perform their duties during the Coronavirus Pandemic State of Emergency.

Your commitment to administering several grants has led to securing 100s of facemasks; 1000s of gallons of hand sanitizers, and enough face shields for our officers’ protection. Your consistency and your professional grit reflect great credit upon yourself, the Hendersonville Police Department, and the City of Hendersonville.

Herbert Blake, Chief of Police

Barbara Volk, Mayor