Patch Collectors

Information for Patch Collectors

We receive numerous requests from patch traders and collectors across the country and the world. To add our patch to your collection, send a self addressed stamped envelope to the following address: 

Hendersonville Police Department 
Patch Request Desk 
145 Fifth Avenue East 
Hendersonville, NC 28792-4328 

(Members of other departments are asked to include their department patch in the request envelope.)




Our current patch.




  Incorporating the City Seal, this patch dates from 2002 to 2013.


  In the mid to late Nineties, we began using this patch, which included the North Carolina State Seal.


  In use from the early eighties until the mid nineties, this patch was a slight modification from its predecessor in that "Hendersonville" was placed prominently at the top.


  This patch was used for many years starting in the seventies, and was the first modern patch used by the department.  Its drawback was that "City of Four Seasons" was sometimes taken as the name of the City, especially when worn away from the Hendersonville area.


  This patch was used during the sixties and added "N.C." to the previous patch design.


  The first patch on record in Hendersonville, this patch was introduced in the early forties and worn throughout the fifties as well.