City of Hendersonville Top Ten List

Find out the top ten things YOU can do to improve the City of Hendersonville by watching this video.

This list was shared by City staff during the City's Council Conversation meetings held throughout the area.

10. Trim trees and shrubs hanging over public sidewalks and those interfering with traffic sight triangles on your property. You can even mow the strip of grass in front of your property if you're feeling ambitious.

9. Move to the right when you see an emergency vehicle approaching with lights and siren; Stopping in the middle of the road creates a giant game of Frogger and the traffic on Four Seasons is already bad enough!

8. Just because your Real Estate Agent said it was okay does not mean it really is. "I forgot to get a building permit" will cost you a lot of money.

7. Keep grass clippings and leaves out of the street while mowing or raking your yard, otherwise, they end up in the storm drain. Bonus Point: Be a team player and clean out clogged storm drains to help prevent flooding!!!

6. Use your brain and 'don't pour grease down the drain.' Or even better - use less grease...your cardiologist will thank you.

5. Don't leave your garbage can in the street or on the sidewalk after it has been emptied. "Move your can, man!"

4. Stop driving around barricades or through standing water – We don't like to get wet!

3. If you pay City taxes...then you live in the City!

2. Slow down in town; Traffic lights and stop signs are NOT optional (even if you're from out of state 😉)

1. Flush only the 3-P's - Poop, Pee and (toilet) Paper - If it's not one of these….DON'T flush it!!