Joint Property Tax Collection

joint property taxesAs part of a continued effort to provide the community with the best service possible, the City of Hendersonville and Henderson County have combined property tax collections. Beginning July 1, 2019, City of Hendersonville property taxes will be billed and collected by Henderson County, seamlessly within the County tax bill.

“One thing this will do for city residents is merge everything onto one bill for them,” said City of Hendersonville Finance Director John Buchanan. “We regularly have confusion with city residents who have paid their county taxes but didn’t realize they had to pay city taxes separately.” Buchanan explained the confusion often stemmed from individuals who had relocated from another area where their county and municipal taxes had been previously combined.

By entering into this agreement, City residents will now receive a single tax bill from Henderson County that will encompass both county and city property taxes. In the past, city residents would receive two separate bills and need to mail separate checks, pay separately online or visit both the Henderson County Courthouse and City Hall if they chose to pay their property taxes in person. As a result of this agreement, when Henderson County issues tax bills in 2019, a Hendersonville resident’s bill will show their county and city tax responsibilities itemized on the bill and they can pay the total directly to the Henderson County’s Tax Collector’s office.

One exception occurs if City residents have overdue taxes. For city residents who are currently delinquent on their 2018 taxes, the City of Hendersonville will continue to be responsible for collecting those monies until January 7, 2020. City residents with past due City taxes should call customer service at (828) 697-3052 to make a payment or pay in person at City Hall.

Because of this change, the City has closed out their P.O. Box used for tax payments. All payments being made to the City should be mailed to 145 Fifth Ave. E. Hendersonville, NC 28792. Any mail sent to the P.O. Box after July 1 will be forwarded to the City address for processing. 

More information for City of Hendersonville residents can be found at  

Visit the Henderson County Tax Offices page at for more information pertaining to 2019 tax bills.

Posted by Allison N Monday, July 8, 2019 10:03:00 AM