Hendersonville Fire Department 2017 Annual Report

Letter from the Chief 

It is my privilege to present the 2017 Hendersonville Fire Department’s Annual Report to Mayor Barbara Volk, respected members of the City Council, City Management, and the Citizens of Hendersonville. The 2017 report will provide you with a written and visual review of the accomplishments and statistical data for the 2017 calendar year as well as an opportunity to look into the future as we continue to improve the level of service our department delivers to the City of Hendersonville.
The Hendersonville Fire Department is committed to running a fiscally responsible organization while providing the highest quality fire, emergency medical, rescue, and educational services to our growing community.
The Hendersonville Fire Department achieved a major milestone this year by reducing our public protection classification rating through the Department of Insurance – Office of State Fire Marshal. This process evaluated key areas related to community risk reduction, water supply, emergency communications, and the overall capabilities of the fire department. With our organization now having a Class 3 rating, many residential, commercial, industrial, and business properties will see reductions in their insurance premiums due to the hard-work and dedication from your Fire Department and the Hendersonville Water & Sewer Department.
Continuous improvement is our focus for 2018 and we will continue to develop and refine our strategic plan which will provide a roadmap for improvement as identified by internal as well as external stakeholders.
I would like to thank the members of the Hendersonville Fire Department for their unwavering support, professionalism, and dedication for what they do on a daily basis. We will continue to advocate for progress and growth in our Department and throughout the City of Hendersonville.
Stay Safe,
Joseph M. Vindigni
Letter from the Chief

HFD 2017 Annual Report

Posted by Tammie D Monday, January 29, 2018 3:21:00 PM