Frequently Asked Questions - Property Tax Information

How can I pay my taxes? Payments can be made via online banking, credit/debit card (note: there is a 2.95% processing fee when using a credit/debit card,) by mail, drop box behind City Hall and in person at 145th Avenue East, Hendersonville, NC.

Payments should be mailed to:
City of Hendersonville
P.O. Box 603536
Charlotte, NC 28260-3536

Payments received by mail are deemed received based on the date shown on postmarks assigned only by the U.S. Postal Service.  It is to your advantage to mail your payment several days in advance of the past due date.

Will my mortgage escrow account pay my tax bill?  Many lending institutions/mortgage service companies request tax bills for payment.  This office is not responsible for any failure of the lender/service company to pay taxes.  It is the property owner’s obligation to ensure the timely payment of taxes.  If funds are held in escrow to pay this bill, please forward the bill to the appropriate mortgage holder.

Can I make prepayments towards future taxes or make a payment arrangement to pay existing taxes? Partial payment plans are available for your convenience.  Taxes must be paid in full before the past due date.  For more information on partial payment plans, contact customer service at  828-697-3052.

What happens if the taxes become delinquent? Second notices are mailed after the delinquency date (January 6th) to advise property owners of delinquent taxes owing Per N.C.G.S. 105-368 a tax collector may attach wages and other compensation, rents, bank deposits, the proceeds of property subject to levy or any other intangible personal property.  If there are no intangible assets to be found and the tax remains unpaid information is turned over to the city attorney to begin foreclosure proceedings.

What can I do if I feel the property on my tax bill has been assessed incorrectly?  The first step is to contact the Henderson County Tax Office County Tax Office

  • Real property:  (828) 697-4667
  • Business Personal Property:  (828) 697-4870
  • Motor Vehicles:  (828) 697-3007

Any corrections made by the County will be forwarded to our office to correct/adjust the City tax.

Does the Henderson County Tax Office bill and collect for the City of Hendersonville?

No. The county tax office assesses all property in the county and forwards the information to us for billing and collecting purposes.  For information concerning your Henderson County Tax bill please contact the  County Tax Office

When are the tax bills due?

All taxes in North Carolina are due September 1st and are delinquent if not received or postmarked by January 5. 

If the tax remains unpaid at January 6th they are considered delinquent and 2% interest applies. Interest continues to accrue at ¾ of 1% each month until paid in full. There are no provisions in the law to adjust or waive interest.