Where can I get a planning application?
A: All are listed in the Development Assistance Department section of this website.
What is the difference between a National Historic District and a Local Historic District?
A: Properties within a National Historic District are eligible for state and federal tax credits for approved renovations. Contact the State Historic Preservation Office in Asheville at 828-274-6789 for more information. 
Properties within a Local Historic District must obtain a permit, called a Certificate of Appropriateness, prior to performing exterior work. Visit www.hendersonvillehpc.org or contact the Development Assistance Department at 828-697-3088 for more information.
Do I need a special permit to work on my property in a historic district?
A: If you are planning exterior work to a property in a Local Historic District (Druid Hills, Hyman Heights or Main Street), you may need a permit called a Certificate of Appropriateness. Further information can be found at www.hendersonvillehpc.org or by calling the Development Assistance Department, 828-697-3088.
Is my property in a historic district?
A: Maps of the seven historic districts can be found at www.hendersonvillehpc.org You may also call the Development Assistance Department at 697-3088.
Where do I get a copy of the Zoning Ordinance, Zoning Map or Comprehensive Plan?
A: All are available online under the Development Assistance Department.  A hardcopy of each can also be purchased in the Development Assistance Office: $15.60 for the Zoning Ordinance, $5.00 for a City Zoning Map and $69.37 for the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.
What are the Planning fees?
A: All are listed in the Development Assistance Department section of this website.
How do I apply for a building permit/inspection?
A: The City of Hendersonville contracts with Henderson County for all building permits and inspections. However, the Development Assistance Department must review such applications for properties in the city limits and ETJ. The Development Assistance Department may be reached at 828-697-3010 for zoning related issues.
What is the ETJ?
A: ETJ stands for Extra Territorial Jurisdiction, an area adjacent to the city limits line in which the city has zoning jurisdiction but does not collect taxes.
Is my property in the city limits or the ETJ?
A: The Zoning Map shows the city limit line and the ETJ boundary. You may call the Development Assistance Department for any questions.  
What is the zoning of a piece of property?
A: The Zoning Map will show the zoning of the city limits and ETJ. You may call the Development Assistance Department at 828-697-3010..