Hebron Pressure Zone Improvements Project

Project Overview

Update: Pressure increases occurred in the northern project area on July 26. The southern area pressure increase occurred on August 2.

All customers within the project area are now experiencing pressures over and above the 30-psi minimum. Available fire flow in certain portions of the project area has improved as well. 

The Hebron Pressure Zone Improvements Project includes the installation of approximately 2,000 linear feet of 6 and 8-inch water mains, valves, hydrants and abandonment of an existing City owned water pumping station. The project will increase pressure and available fire flow in the area through the use of pressure zone modifications.

This project was recommended in the City’s 2017 Water System Master Plan.

What is the purpose of the project?

The purpose of the project is to improve low, insufficient water pressure and available fire flow in areas of the City's water system. In addition, the project will eliminate an existing City water pumping station, which reduces the City's electrical usage and necessary operational and maintenance resources. 

What changes are happening?

Existing water pressure within the project area ranges from 15 to 55 pounds per square inch (psi) depending on property location. Once the project is completed, on or shortly after June 30, 2021, pressures will increase by approximately 75 psi above the current water pressure. Therefore, the project completion pressure range will be approximately 90 to 130 psi, depending on property location and elevation.

Customers previously served by the Overlook Terrace pump station will have a negligible pressure increase (< 5 psi) after project completion. These customers will continue to experience water pressures between approximately 80 and 140 psi, depending on property location and elevation. However, these customers will be affected during construction by temporary service interruptions.

Property owners in the area will experience planned temporary service interruptions during construction and could experience additional temporary service interruptions as water leaks and main line breaks may occur within the project area shortly after construction completion. The City will follow its standard procedures for notifying customers of planned service interruptions, water leaks, main line breaks and boil water advisories.

How do I know if my property is within the area of the pressure zone modification? 

Properties within the upcoming pressure modification area (~75 psi increase) will receive the following notifications:

  • Initial pressure zone modification letter mailed 3 months in advance of the change
  • Secondary notice letter mailed approximately 4 weeks in advance of the change
  • A reminder 1-2 weeks before implementation

What should I do if my property is within the area of modification?

Take note of the pressure modification date for your area in the communications you receive and consider doing the following before implementation: 

Check that your plumbing system has a pressure reducing valve (PRV) installed

Current North Carolina Plumbing Code requires pressure reducing valves (PRVs) on private water service lines where the municipal water pressure serving those lines is greater than 80 psi. When functioning properly, a PRV reduces and stabilizes water pressure to levels typically between 50 and 80 psi. This pressure reduction is important because water pressures in the City’s water pipes are often much higher. While interior home plumbing pipes and fittings are typically rated for pressures higher than 80 psi, home plumbing materials tend to last longer and have fewer leaks if used at lower pressures.

PRVs are typically located inside the building and before any other connections on the incoming water supply line. If you have a crawlspace, the PRV may be installed just inside the foundation wall. A picture of a typical PRV is included in this letter for reference. It should be noted, however, that installation of a PRV inside the building does not protect privately owned service piping outside of the structure from increased water pressure. In order to best prevent this increased pressure from potentially causing leaks or other issues on your customer-side water piping, both inside and outside your residence or business, the PRV would need to be installed on the private water service line directly behind the City’s water meter box.

pressure reducing valve

The City of Hendersonville will not be responsible for damage to your property as a result of the increase in water pressures described above. Therefore, before June 30, 2021, we highly recommend you verify the existence and proper operation of a PRV on your water service piping. If you require assistance, please consult a licensed plumber to provide you with this service.

Assess your automatic irrigation system

Automatic irrigation systems can be equipped with a PRV and, just like your property's PRV, check if it's installed, is working or is needed. Having backflow prevention does not mean your irrigation system is protected against high pressure. Consult with your irrigation contractor as needed.

Project Contact:

Adam Steurer, PE
Utilities Engineer

Project Questions: Call (828) 697-3073