Employee of the Quarter


Monica Howard

Monica Howard

A Letter of Commendation

In Recognition for Services as Set Forth Herein

We take great pleasure in recognizing you as the Hendersonville Police Department Employee of the Quarter, for the period of January 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019. This selection was based on your demonstrated, sustained, superior performance in the execution of your duties during the period noted above.  

Monica, your ability to get things done, your passion for our department and for humanity were on full display during our department’s recent unexpected and heartbreaking loss of Lieutenant Jimmy Case, a long time, highly respected officer.  During this difficult time, you kept your cool and you took the lead in arranging for the Critical Incident Stress Management Team to speak with team 4 within hours about the grief and trauma they were experiencing. You were an ombudsman and a yeoman for Kris Case throughout this time as well. You stayed with Kris, comforted her, and assisted her with a myriad of special needs from the visitation arrangements, to the celebration of life services, and the organizing of building an access ramp at the Cases’ home for Kris’ future mobility needs. In addition to this, you helped create our Alzheimer’s Registry Form and posted it online for our citizens who might utilize this resource in the future.  

Your dependability, your resiliency and your demonstrated compassion reflect great credit upon yourself, the Hendersonville Police Department and the City of Hendersonville. Thank you for being a guidon bearer for our department when it was needed.   

                                                            Herbert Blake                                                                                                  Barbara Volk 

                                                            Chief of Police                                                                                                 Mayor