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Located at:     100 N. King Street
                        Hendersonville, NC

Telephone: 828/697-3010

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Development Assistance Department

The City’s Planning and Zoning Departments merged into the 

Development Assistance Department

The Development Assistance Department is responsible for the review of the physical development of land within Hendersonville and Hendersonville’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction and with the administration of the Main Street Program and the Historic Preservation Commission. The Development Assistance Department reviews development projects to assure that they are in compliance with adopted codes and regulations, maintains and updates the Zoning Ordinance, Zoning Map, Subdivision Ordinance, 2030 Comprehensive Plan, Parks and Greenspace Plan, Pedestrian Plan, Bicycle Plan and other related policy documents. In addition to grant writing and administration, the Development Assistance Department also hosts special events downtown and in Historic Districts.  The Development Assistance Department is also responsible for the enforcement of the City of Hendersonville Zoning Ordinance including building setbacks, parking requirements, landscaping and signs as well as staffing the Board of Adjustment.

In addition to the Zoning Ordinance, the Development Assistance Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Flood Prevention Ordinance, Minimum Housing Ordinance and Nuisance Ordinance. 
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