Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee

The Committee shall provide input and guidance for the City Council’s strategic objective to prioritize equity and inclusion and create a culture of belonging, address past inequities, and treat everyone with respect and dignity, subject to such limitations as may be imposed by state law or by ordinances of the city. The terms of the charter shall govern the activities of the Committee.  However, to the extent that this Charter conflicts with North Carolina Law, North Carolina shall control.  

The City of Hendersonville Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee was formed on June 3, 2021 by City Council. You may view the Charter & Rules of Procedure here

Membership & Terms

The Committee consists of seven (7) at- large members and with the Mayor serving as the City Council liaison, and the Mayor Pro Tempore serving as the alternate City Council liaison. The City Council liaison and alternate liaison are not considered members for purposes of quorum or voting. Committee members shall be appointed to staggered three-year terms by the City Council annually in June. No member shall serve more than two consecutive full three-year terms. Members shall serve without compensation. At the end of a member’s term they must take a one-year hiatus before seeking reappointment to the Committee. 


The Committee shall hold regular meetings at least quarterly. The Committee shall annually adopt a regular meeting schedule showing the dates, times and places of its regular meetings for the year.