Bulk Leaf Collection

shapes of fall leaves

Fall Bulk Leaf Collection

Update 11/10/20: Parks Division crews are still dealing with an exceptionally high volume of leaves. They are in the midst of completing their second rotation through the City. 

Update 11/2/20: Due to the large volume of leaves and impacts of Tropical Storm Zeta, the collection rotation has taken crews longer than anticipated. Our crews are finishing up their first pass around the City. The Parks Division hopes to be starting the second pass by Wednesday, November 4. We thank you for your patience as our staff continues to work.

Bulk Leaf Collection

On October 19, 2020, the City of Hendersonville will begin their fall bulk leaf collection service for City residents. Bulk leaf collection will continue throughout the season and conclude on December 31.

During bulk leaf collection, City residents should pile loose leaves as close to the street, curb, or sidewalk as possible without placing the leaves in the roadway or on the sidewalk. Leaves should not be bagged by City of Hendersonville residents.

Residents can help prevent safety hazards by keeping leaf piles out of the sidewalks. Obstructed sidewalks may force people to walk into the street and pose a danger for pedestrians and motorists. Keeping leaf piles out of the roadways and sidewalks also helps prevent debris from being washed into the storm drains which can cause flooding.
The bulk leaf collection process is separate from brush collection crews; therefore, residents will need to keep their brush and leaves in separate piles until bulk leaf collection has concluded at the end of the year. Leaf piles should be free of tree limbs or other objects that may damage collection equipment. Spring bulk leaf collection typically occurs during the month of March.

It is not necessary for the public to contact Public Works with leaf pick-up requests as this service is automatically provided to City residents. Leaf piles are picked up from homes every ten to fourteen days but, depending on the volume of leaves placed out for collection, the piles could be picked up sooner or later than that time frame.

For questions about this service, please call the Public Works Department at (828) 697-3084.