2018 Street Resurfacing

map of streets to be resurfacedStreet Maintenance and Resurfacing

During the months of August, September, and October the City of Hendersonville will be doing maintenance on several different streets within the City. The extent of the maintenance will vary depending on the situation. Some streets may simply be given a new layer of asphalt overlaying the existing surface, while other streets may be milled down before a layer of new asphalt is applied.

Construction should begin the week of August 20 with the majority of the work to be completed by the early October. The paving contractor is Tarheel Paving of Hendersonville and they will communicate with businesses and residents with a more specific schedule as it pertains to their street. The lists of streets being affected are as follows:

  • 9th Avenue from Oakland to Prince
  • Fleming from Hwy 25 to Hwy 64
  • 8th Avenue from Oakland to Fleming
  • Fassifern Ct from Fleming to dead end
  • Schepper St from Fleming to end maintenance
  • Prince St from Hwy 64 to Orleans
  • Oak St from 7th Avenue to 9th Avenue
  • Thornton Place from Orleans to Tebeau
  • Thornton Place loop
  • Tebeau from 9th Avenue to Knollwood
  • Knollwood Dr from Orleans to 9th Avenue
  • 7th Avenue from Oak St to dead end
  • Valley Street from Hwy 64 to end maintenance
  • Valley Street from Hwy 64 to 5th Avenue
  • Holmes Street from Valley St to Whitted St
  • W. Clark from Valley St to Whitted St
  • Oakhill Ct. from 5th Ave to dead end

For questions about this project, please call Public Works at (828) 697-3084

Posted by Tammie D Thursday, August 9, 2018 1:01:00 PM