Walk of Fame Nominations

Nomination Form

The goal of the Walk of Fame is to recognize individuals, past or present, who have made a significant difference to Henderson County in any field of endeavor. "Significant difference" is defined as having a positive and lasting impact on the quality of life of the citizens of Hendersonville and Henderson County. 

Categories to be considered are the following:

    *    Agriculture
    *    Business
    *    Cultural Arts
    *    Education
    *    Government
    *    Human Services
    *    Industry    
    *    Medicine
    *    Religion

Honorees will be selected based on the significance of the contribution rather than the field of endeavor. They shall have demonstrated that they have made major investments in Hendersonville and Henderson County in time, energy, and resources for the public good. They shall be recognized in publications, a public ceremony, and inclusion on a "Walk of Fame" in downtown Hendersonville.


To nominate an individual to be inducted in the Walk of Fame, please complete the nomination form and a statement of no more than three double-spaced pages which include further information about the individual, including the following:

•    Why you feel this person's contribution is significant
•    Why you consider his/her contribution to be long lasting or even timeless
•    What specific impact has his/her contribution made on the quality of life in Hendersonville and Henderson County
Please complete the nomination form and submit one copy of the completed nomination packet, including the supporting documentation, no later than September 6 to one of the following:

Ms. Tammie Drake
145  5th Ave. E.
Hendersonville, NC 28792


Ms. Terry Wilson
1 Historic Courthouse Square, Suite 1
Hendersonville, NC 28792


SELECTION PROCESS: The Walk of Fame Committee serves as the selection committee. They may invite up to three additional members from the greater community who have demonstrated active involvement in and who have knowledge of Hendersonville and Henderson County history to serve as voting members in the selection process. The Selection Committee will complete the selection process by October 15. The names of the honorees will be announced at an income-producing event in December. 

DESIGN: The walk will be developed in phases, eventually extending from the Historic Court House to the City Hall. To contain expenses, specific plans for each phase will be determined in accordance with current sidewalk repair needs. 

The Walk of Fame will be located on the sidewalks on both sides of the following avenues:

  • 5th Avenue East between King Street and Main Street
  • 4th Avenue West between Main Street and Church Street
  • 3rd Avenue East between King Street and Main Street
  • 2nd Avenue West between Main Street and Church Street
  • This pattern essentially connects City Hall and the Historic Court House (no starting and no ending point which will allow pedestrians to begin at any point along the walk).  Other sections of sidewalk may be added in the future.

Construction Schedule: The construction schedule will be broken up into phases.  Each phase will consist of one avenue as described below. The construction schedule is determined by funding.

  • Phase 1 – 3rd Avenue East between King Street and Main Street
  • Phase 2 – 4th Avenue West between Main Street and Church Street
  • Phase 3 – 2nd Avenue West between Main Street and Church Street
  • Phase 4 – 5th Avenue East between King Street and Main Street

Monument Spacing Details: The avenues are approximately 300 feet in length with driveways in various locations.  The monuments will be spaced on 15-foot increments (no monuments in the driveways or at the intersections) and should be centered between the control joints in the sidewalk.  The monuments should be set in an alternating pattern with approximately 12 inches of space between the monument and the edge of the sidewalk.  Monuments will not be placed on Main Street. Monuments will be placed within the first (five-foot by five-foot approximately) square on the avenue and then every 15 feet or as space allows until we reach the end of the project area.  This spacing should allow for approximately 40 monuments per avenue (depending on the number of driveways along the avenue).

Monument Installation Process: During the sidewalk construction process, monuments will be installed and concrete poured around them so that the granite is level or slightly recessed below the surface of the concrete.  For new sidewalks, five-foot by five-foot sections (or full width of the sidewalk and from control joint to control joint) will be removed in order to properly set the monument then concrete will be reinstalled around the monument.

Granite Etching and Size: Sidewalks on the north side of the avenues will have the monuments faced so folks will walk away from Main Street.  Sidewalks on the South side of the Avenues will have the monuments faced so folks will walk toward Main Street. If people start on Main Street and follow the monuments, they can make a short loop that leads them back to Main Street.
Etching or engraving will be completed on site after the nominee has been approved by the selection committee.  Each monument shall include the inductees name, birth year and death year (if applicable), and field of work.