Rhythm & Brews - September 21

Backup Planet

photo of band - Backup PlanetSeptember 21 - Backup Planet
Experimental Funk-Rock
Opener: The Dirty Soul Revival
Singer/Songwriter: Theme & Variation

We close out the 2017 season with another genre buster. Backup Planet is a progressive funk-rock band based out of Nashville, Tennessee.  Elements of jazz, funk, roots, blues, electronic, and progressive rock all emerge during the course of their shows. While their sound draws from much of what you’ve heard before—‘70s rock and funk, high-energy improv, a touch of pop, and a sliver of metal, the band members mix and match those elements—with just a hint of modern tech—in ways that never fail to astonish.  With a fantastic repertoire of original songs, they’re able to build fluid sets interspersed with improvisation.

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Posted by Tammie Friday, July 28, 2017 12:12:00 PM