Employee of the Quarter


Alan Bonanno

A Letter of Commendation


In Recognition for Services as Set Forth Herein


We take great pleasure in recognizing you as the Hendersonville Police Department Employee of the Quarter, for the period of January 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017. This selection was based on your demonstrated, sustained, superior performance in the execution of your duties during the period noted above.


Your sergeant submitted this: “Alan takes his field training officer responsibilities seriously. He will not let a trainee take short cuts. He trains to assure us that the city is getting a well-trained, duty ready police officer when he or she starts to patrol on their own. As a patrol officer, Alan never takes a cut short while doing his job. Alan has also solved several cases on his own instead of referring the cases upstairs to criminal investigations. I have been on several calls with Alan. He definitely treats every person he comes in contact with whether it's the victim or suspect, with complete dignity. Alan Bonanno leads our team by example. He is very worthy of this recognition.”

From personal observations, I concur with what is mentioned above. And you are continuing to pursue higher education opportunities as well! Your highly professional services reflect great credit upon yourself, the Hendersonville Police Department and the City of Hendersonville.